Family Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

Are you already on overload for Christmas?  We always encourage the community to shop locally...and every item below has a local option!  We have some excellent gift suggestions for you!

1. Give your family time.  That's what they really want!  What better way than to bring everyone to the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Walnut on December 11th?  The parade starts at 7p.  Yes, you can watch it anywhere, but downtown is the place to be!  Better still, engage your whole family, friends, church and/or civic group and build a float!  You'll have lots of quality time working together and experiencing the joys of the season prior to and during the parade.  Click HERE for the poster!

2. How about a tankless gas water heater?  You'll save more than $100 per year by converting to a tankless natural gas system.  They will last about twice as long as a tank because there is no sediment building up to reduce tank life.  You won't be keeping 40 or 50 gallons of water hot all the time...even when you're not home.  And with a tankless system you're not going to run out of hot water even with consecutive showers, clothes and dish washings!

3. The third option is a new key fob.  This isn't just any old fob.  This one provides your family access to the Walnut Wellness Center!  We expect the opening to be in December...perfect for that whole-family Christmas gift!  The gift of health is one of the most sincere and important wishes we convey on those we love.  This option provides a pathway for that to actually happen.  There are obvious and major health benefits to fitness, but also know it can strengthen your mind and lift your spirits.  Weight management, motivation, and social interaction provide added benefit.  You can download the Walnut Wellness Center brochure, which includes a registration form and membership rates for individuals and families.  Please note, discounts are stackable.  A senior who is also a veteran will receive BOTH discounts.  Click HERE to get started!

Giving a family gift is a great way to build relationships and memories.  We recommend all three options!