Holiday Message

Our hearts should always be full of gratitude for the many blessings in our lives, especially during the Christmas season. With those blessings comes a responsibility to reach out to others. Many in the Walnut community suffer from the effects of illness or poverty. Others fight cruel addictions, cope with division in their families, or grieve the loss of a loved one. Christmastime reminds each of us that we are required to love our neighbor just as we love ourselves. By using our time and talents where they are needed most, we can help heal the sick, comfort those who suffer, and bring hope to those who despair. While we encourage each other to be merry, keep in mind the true source of happiness resides in good works and giving thanks. Let’s all make a concerted effort to become more diligent in overcoming three negative traits (doubt, despair and hate) with three positive ones (faith, hope, and love). Happy Christmas!

The Well: Walnut's Wellness Center is Open!

We are pleased to announce that the Wellness Center is now open for use and memberships are available.  CLICK HERE for the brochure that explains rates and membership options and discounts.  CLICK HERE to download the registration packet.  (If you fill this out before arrival, it will save you lots of time!)  Open House is scheduled December 16th (10a-2p) to introduce you to this amazing resource.  Meanwhile, if you have specific questions, please email or call City Hall at 662-223-4405.

Many thanks to the Walnut Wellness Committee for diligently pursuing this goal for the past four years and the many additional volunteers who have been working recently to meet the opening date.  Coming soon: a complete list of donors who helped to make this possible and a little background on Walnut's journey to wellness that began in earnest in 2013.  We are Mississippi's Healthiest hometown.

Thanksgiving 2017

While families all around the Walnut community gather for Thanksgiving, let's take heart in the fact that good still abounds.  Life was never promised to be trouble-free.  On this day, remember the blessings that lift us up and the laughter and friendship that gives us courage.  Above all, let's thank God for the many blessings He provides for us to reinvest in our relations.  William Faulkner wrote, "Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

Family Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

Are you already on overload for Christmas?  We always encourage the community to shop locally...and every item below has a local option!  We have some excellent gift suggestions for you!

1. Give your family time.  That's what they really want!  What better way than to bring everyone to the annual Christmas Parade in downtown Walnut on December 11th?  The parade starts at 7p.  Yes, you can watch it anywhere, but downtown is the place to be!  Better still, engage your whole family, friends, church and/or civic group and build a float!  You'll have lots of quality time working together and experiencing the joys of the season prior to and during the parade.  Click HERE for the poster!

2. How about a tankless gas water heater?  You'll save more than $100 per year by converting to a tankless natural gas system.  They will last about twice as long as a tank because there is no sediment building up to reduce tank life.  You won't be keeping 40 or 50 gallons of water hot all the time...even when you're not home.  And with a tankless system you're not going to run out of hot water even with consecutive showers, clothes and dish washings!

3. The third option is a new key fob.  This isn't just any old fob.  This one provides your family access to the Walnut Wellness Center!  We expect the opening to be in December...perfect for that whole-family Christmas gift!  The gift of health is one of the most sincere and important wishes we convey on those we love.  This option provides a pathway for that to actually happen.  There are obvious and major health benefits to fitness, but also know it can strengthen your mind and lift your spirits.  Weight management, motivation, and social interaction provide added benefit.  You can download the Walnut Wellness Center brochure, which includes a registration form and membership rates for individuals and families.  Please note, discounts are stackable.  A senior who is also a veteran will receive BOTH discounts.  Click HERE to get started!

Giving a family gift is a great way to build relationships and memories.  We recommend all three options!

2017 WVFD Firehouse 5K, FYI:

The annual Firehouse 5K is a local favorite event.  Fire trucks, a real shotgun start, and a finish line under the big American flag inside the fire station!  The course is USATF certified.  Register before October 6th-to be sure you get a collectible shirt.  Download the registration form HERE.  (More information and contact info is on the form.)  All proceeds go to Walnut Volunteer Fire Department.

Please be mindful of traffic interruptions and observe all safety precautions during this event.  Why not join us?!

From Our Friends at Walnut Runs:

Hey guys! It's renewal time! It's been 3 years since we started this group!  What's happened during that period?  We've helped the races in town by our sponsorship and participation.  We helped people find their love of running/walking again (some for the first time!).  Some were so encouraged by you, they started making better choices in other areas to improve their health.  We are proud of you all for your individual accomplishments, and for your consistency when it's hard.  You motivate us to lace up our shoes and get out the door!

CLICK HERE for the renewal form. Please pass it on to people you think might want to join Walnut Runs. Happy running/walking/moving!

Walnut Election Results 06 June 2017

Voters in Walnut today selected those to serve for the next four years.  Mayor Vicki Skinner, who was unopposed in 2017, will continue in her role.  In the race for aldermen, three of five incumbents ran for re-election and easily won their races.  They were challenged by six new candidates.  Voters selected the top five candidates to serve as alderman through 2021.  They are (#votes): Chad Bateman (78), Larry Dollar (75), David Nabors (i, 101), Scott Pulliam (i, 114), and Kevin Winter (i, 105).  The other candidates were Robert Harris (68), Jerry Climer (23), Russell Wells (55) and Dallas Word (28).

The votes cast represented 31.83% of registered voters.  The mayor and board will take the oath of office and begin their new term on 01 July 2017.  We wish them good skills and success in the new term.  May God continue to bless our community!

Wellness Initiative Update

The Wellness Center at 130 Smith Drive is now under renovation for a late summer opening.  Crews are strengthening the building with external fiberglass and concrete board panels and adding several windows to brighten up the place.  Plumbing has been roughed-in for the restroom expansion and new offices are being constructed in the back of the building to accommodate a soon-to-be-announced anchor tenant.  All of the wellness equipment has been delivered and is ready to set up...both inside the facility as well as the outdoor equipment for the three fitness zones that will be constructed around town.  Meanwhile, Walnut's Healthy Heroes closed out the school year by presenting a program for all Walnut Elementary Students on May 5th.  Each month, Walnut PD and FD personnel visit the school to promote healthy choices and exercise.  We especially appreciate WES and our police and fire departments for taking the lead on this portion of the greater wellness initiative.  It is our hope that all of these events, services and resources will greatly improve the quality of life in the Walnut community.

If you or your organization would like to contribute toward completion of the wellness center, please reply to  Let's get moving!

Municipal Election Details Announced

Walnut candidates historically have chosen to run as independents to save the town added expense of multiple election cycles.  A runoff is scheduled if necessary.  Last day to register to vote in the municipal election is noon, May 6th, 2017.  The election runs from 7a until 7p on Tuesday, June 6th.

Complete details for municipal elections may be viewed on the Mississippi Secretary of State website.  The page also provides guidelines for voting eligibility.  Click HERE to view.

Policy for Reserving Community Center Updated

Fees for the community center rental ($45.00) must be paid in full at the time the building is reserved.  Any cancellation within seven days of the planned event date will result in forfeiture of the fees.  During the holidays, several people "reserved" the facility but did not show up.  Other folks who needed to use the facility were turned away.  We hope this change in policy will benefit everyone.

2016 Christmas Parade Plans Announced (updated)

The annual Christmas parade is scheduled for Monday, December 12th at 7p.  We encourage you to register a float, vehicle or other entry for your organization.  Let's make this one of the best parades yet!  There is no registration fee, but we request all participants to provide a new, unwrapped toy in the $10 to $20 range for each entry.  These toys are distributed to children across the community whose families are currently experiencing financial difficulties.  Download an entry form by clicking HERE.   Share this info with your friends!  Thanks! (IMPORTANT UPDATE: Santa Claus will stop at City Hall to visit with all the children.  He will not proceed along the rest of the parade route, so downtown is the place to be!  Please pass this information along to everyone you know!)

Orders Still Accepted for Tippah Veterans Park Pavers

Tippah Veterans Park is asking for your support in purchasing pavers to honor Tippah Countians who have served in the U.S. Military.  4" x 8" pavers are available for $50 and 8" x 8" pavers are available for $100.  Please CLICK HERE to download the form or stop by City Hall to pick up a copy.  You will provide the veteran's name and rank, the unit in which they served and service dates.  They are also soliciting a biography and picture that will be used in a future publication of the Memorial Park Book of Memories.