Walnut Election Results 06 June 2017

Voters in Walnut today selected those to serve for the next four years.  Mayor Vicki Skinner, who was unopposed in 2017, will continue in her role.  In the race for aldermen, three of five incumbents ran for re-election and easily won their races.  They were challenged by six new candidates.  Voters selected the top five candidates to serve as alderman through 2021.  They are (#votes): Chad Bateman (78), Larry Dollar (75), David Nabors (i, 101), Scott Pulliam (i, 114), and Kevin Winter (i, 105).  The other candidates were Robert Harris (68), Jerry Climer (23), Russell Wells (55) and Dallas Word (28).

The votes cast represented 31.83% of registered voters.  The mayor and board will take the oath of office and begin their new term on 01 July 2017.  We wish them good skills and success in the new term.  May God continue to bless our community!